The Holiday Season Here Soon

The holiday season will be here soon. Many companies start looking for
entertainment in October for their yearend celebrations. Of course those
who enjoyed their entertainment last year were smart and secured their
entertainment back in January. If you enjoy your entertainment this year
I recommend you do the same for next year.

The middle Saturday of December is always the most popular. So plan
ahead. Here are  some questions to ask  yourself when considering
entertainment for your yearend celebration.
1. How many guests?
2. Where?
3. Timing?
4. Age Range of guests?
5. Ethnic background?
6. Which best describes your group?

a. We make our own fun and just want the DJ to  play good music
b. Most holiday parties the guests eat, then go home, with little or no dancing
c. Dancing is not important to our having a good time
d. We want the DJ to interact with the audience, show us a good time, and
encourage dancing?
e. We prefer to play games over dancing
f. Describe your group

Valuable information that will help you focus on which entertainer,
entertainment service, best suits your company personality. And
you will know when you have the right entertainment service
when they can address these issues with confidence.